icon What Do Test Houses Do?

Test houses have a number of functions, however one is more important than the rest: they check that games at a casino really are truly random. Every casino game (except live games) is operated by a random number generator, which decides how the reels will land and how the cards will fall. Some are concerned that the algorithms used can be manipulated though, causing games to become unfair. This hasn’t happened if a game has been verified by a test house though. So, when you play a game that has been verified as fair, you’ll have exactly the same chances of winning as any other player.

Test houses don’t just sit there silently though – they are very vocal when they find an online casino game that isn’t a fair one. This is very important, as by telling everyone, they ensure that players aren’t tricked into playing the game. They’ll also tell the body regulating the software provider, such as the UK Gambling Commission, and you can be sure that the regulatory body will come down very hard on any company found to be producing unfair casino games.

But how can you be sure that the test houses themselves are playing by the rules? What’s to stop them falsely claiming that a game is fair? Well, it’s the fact that all test houses must be approved by the UK Gambling Commission, a government body set up to oversee the entire gambling industry. If a company has been approved by the Gambling Commission, you can be absolutely sure that it’s completely above board. All companies mentioned further down this page have been approved by the Gambling Commission.

When everything is considered, test houses are an absolutely integral part of the gambling world. Without them, there would always be mistrust, and this would damage not just the casinos, but the players wanting to play at them. So, everyone should be glad that these test houses are about, ensuring the gambling scene is a completely safe and honest one.

The Main Test Houses
There are a few different test houses, however, you’ll find information about the main ones below. If you see the logo of any of the following companies at a best online casino USA, you can be sure that the casino in question’s games are completely fair.

The biggest test house is undoubtedly eCOGRA. They’re also the benchmark by which every other test house is judged. The company is based in London and has been around since 2003, so they really know what they’re doing. If you see the eCOGRA logo, you should be completely reassured that the casino in question is safe.

Gaming Laboratories International is a big testing house with a really long and impressive list of clients. They’ve been around since 1989, initially overseeing the safety of land-based casino games. They made the jump to the online world easily though and are now recognised as a name that can be completely trusted.

iTech Labs
Based in Australia, iTech Labs have been overseeing the gambling industry since 2004, and their senior members of staff have a combined experience in the casino testing industry of over 100 years. They aren’t quite as large as the other two names above them on this list, however, they can still be completely trusted.

Experienced gamblers might have also heard of TST, as they used to be another big name in the industry. They have been bought by GLI now though.

Our Commitment to Fair Gaming
We are completely committed to fair gaming. Therefore, we will only ever recommend an online casino that is properly licenced and regulated. Doing so ensures that everyone following our recommendations ends up at a completely safe and secure online casino website. We continuously recheck sites we’ve recommended, just to ensure they still meet the high standards of safety, security and honesty we expect. The bottom line is this: you’ll be completely safe when you play at any new online casino site we’ve recommended.


Are all casino games fair?

99% of casino games are completely fair, however there’s always the small percentage that spoil things for the rest. You can be sure that every single game is fair when you play at a properly tested casino though, such as the casinos we recommend on this site.

How do I know if a site has been tested by a test house?

The easiest way to check this is by looking at the bottom of a casino’s homepage, where you should find the logo of a test house. You can then click this logo to ensure that everything is genuine. Alternatively, just check the review of the casino here on this site.

Are all test houses trustworthy?

All test houses mentioned on this page are completely trusted. This is because they’ve all been accredited by the UK Gambling Commission. Do not trust a test house that has not been approved by the UKGC.

What’s the biggest test house?

The largest test house in the world is eCOGRA, and you’ll find that they’ve verified a massive number of different online casinos. Some of the casinos verified by eCOGRA include Ladbrokes, 32 Red and Betway.

How do I complain if I believe a game is not fair?

If you don’t think a game is fair, you should contact the test house responsible for the casino in question. If this doesn’t lead to a satisfactory answer, you should then get in touch with the UK Gambling Commission, which licences all casinos accepting players.