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How to Make Money from Casino Bonuses

Bonuses and promotions are offered by casinos to draw in players – a ploy to get more people to deposit their money and then play the range of casino games on offer. While the vast majority of players will never make money from their bonus funds, there are a select few who walk away with a profit. On this page, we’re going to let you know how to be like the lucky few, with a few simple and easy to follow tips.

Take Multiple Bonuses

The first thing to remember is this: claim as many US casino bonuses as you can! This means signing up with multiple sites and claiming all available welcome bonuses, as well as using the rest of the bonuses offered by sites. This might take some time, but by getting loads of bonuses, you’re increasing your chances of winning. While you might fail to make a profit at some, you could make some money at others, and overall you could come out on top. Another benefit of doing this is that you’ll get to play the largest possible variety of casino games.

Aim Small

This next point is very important: reel in your expectations. While a very select few get lucky and walk away with millions, you have to realise that it’s extremely unlikely. Instead, we’d aim to play conservatively and try to make a small profit. If you can do this at many different sites, you’ll find that the amount of money you’re winning really starts to add up. Many bonuses have a cap on the amount of money you can win anyway, which cuts short any hopes of scooping millions from your bonus funds.

Stick to the Terms and Conditions

This might not be the most exciting point, but you really do have to read the terms and conditions, and then abide by them. You should find out which games contribute fully to the wagering requirement and only play the games that contribute 100%. Speaking of the wagering requirement, you should always be aware of how close you are to meeting it. Once you have met the requirement, you should withdraw your funds straight away. This stops you from frittering away your money and losing any money you’ve managed to win. Of course, you can then invest this money in new casino bonuses and promotions!

Don’t Expect Instant Results

Finally, you shouldn’t expect to make money overnight. Instead, the players who are successful at making money from bonuses do so over a long period of time. Sure, hitting the jackpot on a progressive slot could see you become rich overnight, but as we’ve already discussed, that’s not too likely to happen. The effect is cumulative as well – the more money you manage to win, the more money you can put back into play. With this extra money, you can then hopefully win even more cash.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about making money from online casino bonuses. We’re not saying that it’s a magic formula that will guarantee you money, however, using our advice will increase your chances of turning bonus funds into real cash. Now all you need to do is sign up with the best online casinos – something you can do by reading through the various online casino reviews found here on this site!

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