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Thank you for visiting the website. My name is Robert Taylor B.J - but my friends and family simply call me Rob. As the founder and chief author here at the website, I thought that it would make sense to give you a bit of information about who I am, what I’m passionate about, and ultimately - why I created the platform.

About Me

First and foremost, I was born and bred in the hustle and bustle of Newark, New Jersey. I absolutely love my home city, as it literally has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for diverse cuisine, recreational parks, or non-stop jazz nights - you’ll have no trouble finding it in Newark.

As much as I love the place where I grew up, I am now based in Manhattan, New York. I live in a relatively quiet neighborhood with my lovely wife Jane, and my two teenage children Bryce and Billy.

Academica and Professional Life

Prior to starting my higher education journey, I thoroughly enjoyed mathematics and history during my younger years. However, with a keen passion for current events, I subsequently opted for a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism. I completed my four-year Journalism Degree locally, at the New Jersey City University (NJCU).

Interestingly, if you told me that upon graduating I would have worked as a news reporter for a gambling-related news publication - frankly, I would have laughed at you. However, a mere two decades later I am still heavily involved in the gambling space. In fact, I’ve seen the industry go from physical, land-based casinos to a scene that is now dominated almost entirely by online operators.

One of the best perks about my involvement in the casino space from a journalistic perspective is that I have the privilege of travelling the world to attend gambling conferences. This allows me to experience new products and services that are yet to hit the online gambling arena, which is great.


Outside of my professional and academic life, I am a very, very keen poker player. Once again, my early poker days were dominated by dark and dingy working men’s clubs. Games would often run into the early hours of the working week, which was anything but ideal! However - and much like the rest of the traditional gambling industry, I now enjoy playing poker from the comfort of my own home. While the vast majority of my poker endeavors are spent playing cash games, I also enjoy larger tournaments cometh the weekend.

When I’m not playing online poker, I also enjoy watching the Mets when they are in town - a tradition that was passed down from Father to Son. I do, of course, try to spend as much time as possible with my family, which is why I try to take them on weekend breaks as and when the opportunity arises. When I do, I am on a strictly ‘no-poker’ agreement though!

Why I Created This Website

As I briefly noted earlier, not only did I create the website, but I am also behind a lot of the content on this platform. If it’s not me writing, one of my highly experienced team members will take over. Usually, this is with respect to generating impartial casino reviews or guides.

Nevertheless, as a life-long fan of recreational gambling, I felt that the World Wide Web was missing something very important - a one-stop-shop for the American public to learn everything there is to know about online casinos. You see, there is a lot of misinformation scattered around the internet about the legalities of online gambling in the US.

While it is true that domestic-based casinos - for the time being at least, are unable to operate in the US, there is nothing stopping established gambling sites relocating offshore. As you can imagine, this is exactly what they did. With that being said, you’ll find heaps of useful articles on my site on what you need to do to stay safe in the online gambling space at all times.

I also created this website because I felt that US players were somewhat uneducated on the thousands of dollars worth of bonuses that casinos are literally throwing at players. In other words, if you are yet to open an account with a particular casino site, the operator will tempt you in by offering a number of lucrative bonuses that appear to be getting more and more competitive. As such, the website lists all of the latest casino bonuses currently available to US punters!

Finally, it is crucial to note that all of the material on my website is 100% impartial and free from bias. My team and I will never allow a particular online casino to influence the outcome of our reviews, so you can rest assured that everything on our site is truly independent.