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How much of a benefit could legalising online gambling have on Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley plays home to some of the best minds in the world of both business and technology and as a result, has a number of benefits to employees and employers already.

At present online gambling is legal in just five states; Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Iowa. While still only a small amount, it means that there is a huge amount of potential to capitalise on what has the potential to be a major growth niche over the next few years as more states pass online gambling bills.

Although this is not set in stone, the likelihood is that the states which have recently legalised sports betting will realise that they have to follow suit and do the same with online gambling.

This means that if you are a CEO of a company in Silicon Valley; arguably one of the most prestigious communities in the world for advancements in technology, this could present a number of opportunities to really take advantage.

It is believed that the surface has barely been scratched when it comes to online gambling and, as a result, there are many possibilities, particularly from a technology angle, to capitalise.

With continual developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning and Silicon Valley especially pioneering research into such fields, there are companies who may be primed to act and create solutions for the ever expanding and popular online gambling sector.

This could be especially true for new graduates coming out of the likes of the nearby Stanford University, with the majority of them usually taking top jobs in Silicon Valley at companies such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or one of the many interesting startups.

Due to the introduction of online gambling to the United States, it offers up a whole new possibility for such technology graduates, who might identify with an industry which has a lot of potential, compared to the typical routes into a technology e-commerce or social media platform, or even Wall Street.

While these industries may be seen as the most glamorous, they have perhaps become saturated and even more competitive to secure an entry level job in.

Silicon Valley is certainly well equipped to become a hub for online gambling technology firms; there may be some argument about legislation – it still isn’t legal in the state of California to take part in online gambling though being a supplier to sportsbooks in other states may be a loophole that can be exploited.

With access to some of the best new talent, it could also be an opportunity for more experienced developers and programmers to enjoy a new challenge in an industry that they may find more exciting and which has a lot of potential for growth and innovation.

There is certainly no doubt that this is an area that could reap the rewards of penetrating into this market and if companies in Silicon Valley can find their way around any possible legal issues then it may just be worth the gamble.

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