What are The Most Popular Online Casino Games?

What are The Most Popular Online Casino Games?

Over the last couple of decades, and especially over the last few years the popularity of online casino games has seen an exponential rise, primarily because of technological innovations and advancements but also because of the closure of many hospitality venues including the land-based casinos.

Interestingly, even though we are over the worst of the pandemic a high percentage of those people who turned online for their gaming fix are choosing to remain to play their favourite games via their home computer or mobile devices.

Today, online casinos cover a whole host of popular online casino games in all genres as well as a comprehensive sportsbook where you can have a bet on your favourite sport whether that is Football, Rugby League, Union or even Ice Hockey.

All of these games are provided in an environment that is safe and secure, in fact today’s casinos like JeffBet have taken on board what works and improved on it providing a platform that works much like your ‘one stop shop’ for all things to do with online gambling.



Which Online Casino Games Get the Most Traffic?

Online Slots

By far it is the online casino slot that brings in a vast amount of traffic. Actually, slots are always popular whether being played online or offer and appeal to many gamers as they come in so many different themes and genres with varying paylines and special features included. Progressive slots also give the player the chance of a mega payout if they happen to be the lucky one that cashes in on a progressive jackpot which can offer truly life-changing cash prizes.

Simple to learn there are new slots arriving each month each one with its own innovative feature attached to it which are always fun to try.

We all lead busy lives and slots are one of the most convenient ways to enjoy online casino games as they play as well on your mobile device as they do on your home pc.


Online Roulette

Another incredibly popular online table game is the age-old game of roulette. Steeped in history, today’s game can be enjoyed online in a multitude of variations like speed roulette, multi-ball and multi-reel roulette besides all the classic varieties including European and American (with the double zero). Not only are the video roulette wheels very popular, but so are the live* games of roulette on offer at sites like JeffBet.com which add that extra layer of casino action to your time spent online.

*Live games take place in real time and are streamed to your screen from a land-based venue. Hosted by real live human dealers/croupiers these games are fast and furious, jam-packed with all the casino action you can imagine and are about as close as you are going to get to actually walking into a physical casino.  Live games are well worth trying at least once for the exciting experience they offer.


Online Blackjack

Offering players high payouts online blackjack has enjoyed a surge in popularity over the last few years with no indication that this trend is going to end soon. Players can enjoy a large number of variations of blackjack which are appealing to both new players and the more experienced. Blackjack can be enjoyed by those with a smaller budget as well as those high-rollers who like to bet big and just like roulette JeffBet also has a great selection of live Blackjack games on offer like:-

  • Blackjack VIP
  • Blackjack Black Gold
  • Blackjack Diamond
  • Blackjack Ruby
  • Blackjack White Gold

Amongst others ….

Of course, there are also the classic blackjack games (which is also known as American blackjack in some quarters) for the purists amongst us. This game is played with 8 decks and has a pay out of 3:2


Online Baccarat

Baccarat has an amazing following in Asia but it is also a very popular card game the world over. With a rich history (it was the French nobility which began playing this game of chance way back in the 1800’s) today’s game enjoyed a resurgence in popularity when the game appeared in the opening scene of the first James Bond movie, Dr. No.

It’s pretty easy to pick up the basic rules of baccarat as the winning hand is the one that holds the highest value compared to the hand of the Banker. Sites like JeffBet will walk you through the rules of the game in a jargon-free manner and you can always try out free games to make sure you understand how to play before committing any of your own money.

Again, if you want a little action that is different then you could try live baccarat games like speed baccarat and baccarat squeeze, perhaps you will try out a strategy or two which will add further to the excitement of the live game.


Online Poker

With many variations poker can be enjoyed by a wide selection of players who have different experience levels, and although the game is often about luck there is also a level of skill involved which requires learning.

The most skilled poker players have made (and sometimes lost) fortunes with some able to make a full-time living from the game over many years.

For the new player it would be advisable to check out the free poker games on offer and read up on poker strategies and tips of the game in order to learn the rules before committing any of your own money.

Remember, if you are more confident in yourself you will play with more ability which other players will pick up on (when you are playing live online poker games)

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