Understanding Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

All online casino bonuses and promotions will have terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are extremely important to both the casino operator and the player, so you need to read it before making any real money bets.

Online casino bonus terms and conditions usually detail the bonus processes, deposit and withdrawal procedures, gaming rules, contribution percentages, privacy information, responsible gaming information, company and legal information and more. Despite being very comprehensive and sometimes technical, players are advised to read and understand the terms and conditions before playing casino bonuses and promotions.

Why Do Online Casinos Have Ts & Cs?

Terms and conditions are a contract between the casino operator and the player. This is important as money is being exchanged. The contract is put in place to protect both the casino and the player, ensuring that each party’s obligations are met.

That said, terms and conditions work to protect all parties, not just the online casino’s rights and interests. Online casinos, while providing an entertaining and often lucrative service to players, is still a business, so its aim is to ultimately make a profit. This means that Ts and Cs can sometimes lean towards the favour of the casino, which is most evident in the standard house edge. If you as a player is not happy with any of the bonus terms and conditions, it is a good idea to look for a platform that suits your needs in this way.

Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

While the best UK casino bonuses are a great way to reward players and enhance your gaming experience, online casinos don’t want you abusing these bonuses. Many welcome bonuses come with free money, so in order to prevent players joining the casino, claiming the free money and moving to another platform, online casino bonuses come with strings attached.

Players can usually find the bonus terms and conditions located on the bonus page, and each bonus and special offer will have its own set of terms and conditions. This means that whenever you are interested in partaking in a promotion or bonus, you will need to read and accept the individual terms of the bonus. While this can seem tedious, it is important, especially if you are making real money deposits.

Bonus terms and conditions will explain in full detail what you as a player can and cannot do with an active bonus, what wagering requirements must be met before you can withdraw any winnings and more, including:

  • Active time period this promotion will run, and the offer can be redeemed.
  • What the requirements are to enter the competition or bonus i.e. how much must you deposit and within what timeframe?
  • Is there a limit to how many times you’re eligible for the offer?
  • Time period to claim your prize before it is forfeited.

Wagering Requirements

Understanding wagering requirements, or playthrough requirements, is very important when entering any bonus or special promotion. Wagering requirements are usually based on the bonus amount, your deposit bonus or a combination of the two, depending on the casino. The wagering requirement is how much you need to bet in order to claim your bonus reward.

Wagering begins when you start playing with bonus money and must be obtained within a set period of time or you lose your bonus. This period can range from one day to several weeks. The wagering requirement also usually requires a minimum and maximum bet.

There are also only certain games that contribute to this wagering requirement, which will be highlighted in the terms and condition. In most cases, there are online slot games and sometimes table games and video poker. Most times, if you are allowed to play table games, video poker and live dealer games with a bonus, they will only contribute a small amount to the wagering requirement, usually from 0 to 10%.


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