What Casino Game Has the Best Odds?

There are loads of different games found at every online casino site, and each of these games has a different chance of paying out. While most play casino games for the thrill and enjoyment, there are some who solely play in order to win cash. If you fall into this latter category, this page is for you. On this page, we’re going to let you know which games offer the best chances of a prize, so you know exactly what to play when you’re next at a casino.

Before starting though, we need to look at what Return to Player (RTP) means. This is an expression of how much the average player should expect to win and it’s stated as a percentage. A typical slot might have an RTP of 97%, and this means that the average player will win back $97 of every $100 they spend. Therefore, the games with the highest RTPs are those that are more likely to offer up a profit to you.

Video Poker

The best paying game in an online casino is video poker. In fact, there are some versions of video poker that have RTPs of over 100%. This means that you should make a profit when you play, providing you play with perfect strategy (something that only a few people can do). Other forms of video poker generally have RTPs in the high 90s though. Video poker might not be everyone’s cup of tea, however, it’s certainly where you’ll have the best chance of making some money.


Next up is blackjack, as the standard game has an RTP of over 99%. Once again though, this figure is based on you playing the game with perfect strategy. This means that a beginner, or even an average player, will find that the RTP is actually much lower. It should be mentioned that this RTP only applies to the standard game – most other variations of online blackjack have RTPs that are lower and therefore they’re less likely to offer up a profit.


Now it’s the turn of roulette. The different forms of roulette actually have different RTPs, however it is French roulette that offers the best chance of winning. This is because the RTP of French roulette is an impressive 98.65%. European roulette has an RTP of 97.3%, while American roulette has the lowest of all RTPs for roulette, as it is just 94.74%. The reason for the considerably lower RTP of American roulette is that there’s a double zero on the wheel.


Next up is slots. Every slot machine has its own RTP, however, it is generally the case that the average RTP of a slot machine is around the 97% mark. Some sites will tell you the RTP of a slot machine, but if your site doesn’t, you can easily Google it. It is worth mentioning that slots with big progressive jackpots generally have much lower RTPs. The best casino sites will have a range of slots with different RTPs for you to choose from.


There are a few games that we’ve missed, however, we thought that it was also important to tell you about the game with the lowest RTP – keno. The chances of you winning at keno are particularly low, however, it is still incredibly popular, especially with gamblers in Asia. This is simply due to the fact that keno is such a fun and exciting game to play. What’s more, it’s completely down to luck, so there are no complicated rules to learn.

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